Thursday, July 18, 2013

Eskimo Pie


I felt so lonely I coulda' died
   Until, one day,
While eating an Eskimo pie,
   I heard a voice say…

“I can sense your pain,
   it’s all clear to me,
with out the pain there is no gain
   it’s all to clear to me.”

“It’s clear to you of how I feel,
   When it’s barely clear to me?
You certainly must be a big deal,
   You must be something very great I see.”

A rumble came from nowhere,
   Clouds, dark and gray sailed in.
“It’s all right there”, he said,
   Pointing to this heart of mine.

“You must believe in yourself as true,
   Before you can be believed by them.
For if you do not love you,
   Then why would any one else?”


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