Thursday, August 18, 2011



seek me out
they do reach
sweaty hands greedy need
snagging from me ether
a favonian memory faded
upon strands arachnid
silk thought threads
lost vaudevillian idiots
vade-mecum moronic shlepresey
traded willingly compromising
valuable mental estate
shiny they are these,
beaded baubles dangle
across breast left empty.



  1. hmmm I wonder if this is about those trying to find love over the technohiways. People following the blue glow of the 1's and 0's being who they want to be or desperately wish to be. Displaying their baubles of fantasied lives while feasting on the mind thoughts of others... Servers and nodes, finding and spreading arachnid-like nets of webbing tangling us over and over until we no longer recognize we are thunderstruck, hungry, addicts...